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Over the lifecourse imbalances build - it starts at birth with routine hospitalisation and interventions and progresses into the early years through intense monitoring and feeding regimes, into schooling where all kids are broadly taught in the same manner.  We then generally move into the workplace, for some anything that pays the bills, finding ourselves in relationships where we are not equipped towards getting our needs met and communicating effectively.  The family may expand bringing more emotional and financial pressure, until if we are lucky enough, we reach old age with no aches and pains and have enough money to retire - phew - youve waited many decades for this.    If we are fortunate and we may well think what was that all about and the body says, hang on a minute.  It sounds bleak - that's because it is. 

My approach to your well-being is holistic in nature and a little different as it has spirituality at it's core.   I'm not taking you into the depths of organised religion, nor into a cult or weird Asian stuff that makes no sense.  The modern day charlatan comes in many guises - with a plethora of social media tools at hand to create the perfect image or paragraph to reel you in.   I take a genuine approach to your well-being, for I believe that when one person rises we all rise.  All I ask is that you adopt an open mind and heart and have a genuine desire to improve the quality of your life, this means mostly working from the inside out.  My services can be challenging and not for the fainthearted.

Many people unwittingly draw upon the ancient life science of Ayurveda.   It is a 5000+ year wisdom, unsurprisingly referred to as the 'original lifestyle medicine'.  Ayurveda is the lesser well known sister science of  yoga into which yoga practice dovetails.  Like yoga (mistakenly believed to be a workout routine to be done on a mat), Ayurvedic practices have morphed over time, to almost unrecognisable proportions as it becomes rebranded, repackaged and repurposed. 


With me, I go straight to source to provide you with well researched and relevant knowledge to inspire, foster self efficacy and promote your personal development.  


Working with me, you are going on a beautiful and, occasionally unnerving journey of self-discovery.  I provide a safe space to enable you to explore and integrate the light and dark sides of your character to accept yourself at face value.  Not what you should be or could be but what you are already.  From an ancient perspective - the human being is not meant to be still, to stagnate - you are literally designed to flourish and full of life.   I am here to shine a light on your path and walk alongside you, occasionally holding your hand but mostly letting you lead and work out for yourself the direction of travel.


So whether it's increased mindfulness, improved productivity, better sleep, diet, emotional wellbeing, setting and sticking to goals, less anxiety and stress - whatever your thing the fusion of my approach ancient practices for modern living - will help.


I am here to bridge the gap between East and West.  I provide you with information which is increasingly being validated by medical research (think neuroscience, a healthy diet, gut microbiome, the benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices for example increasingly moving into the mainstream).  These practices, bathed in nature,  have lasted the test of time as seen fads come and go.  (both sciences being over 5000 years old).  I am here to keep you safe, supporting your on your journey towards self realisation and I guarantee, you will flourish if you approach your life with an open mind, open heart and are willing to put the work in.  

As Baudrillard, French sociologist and philosopher  claims: 


... current society has replaced all reality and meaning with symbols and signs, and that human experience is a simulation of reality.

Akin to ancient wisdoms which suggest we are are living in an illusion, we need to break through this illusion of separatedness, where the ego.

In the course of life, many people unwittingly draw upon the ancient sciences.  Ayurveda  is the lesser well known  sister science of yoga into which a yoga practice dovetails.   


Like yoga however (mistakenly believed to be solely a workout routine to be done on a mat), Ayurvedic practices have morphed over time, to almost unrecognisable proportions as it becomes rebranded, repackaged and repurposed.  Essentially - mindfulness techniques, trauma-informed and somatic exercises, physical exercise, dietary advice, sensory therapies, and a raft of other mind-body-spirit developments  can be seen to fit nicely under the umbrella of Ayurvedic practices.  Not surprisingly, as, at 5000 years old it is considered to be the original lifestyle medicine it would be fair to say it serves as a baseline from which many healing modalities have sprung.  That said, it is a very unfamiliar discipline in the UK.

Working with me, you are going on a beautiful and, occasionally unnerving journey of self-discovery.  I provide a safe space to enable you to explore and integrate the light and dark sides of your character to accept yourself at face value.  Not what you should be or could be but what you are already. 

how do i do it?

Become healthier, happier and more, well you.

I call upon Vedic texts, blending  ancient Eastern traditions with cutting edge modern medical science and Western philosophies to move you in the direction of optimal well-being.  I draw upon spiritual, somatic and scientific practices, taking you out of your head and into the body to help you release from whatever it is that's holding you back; sometimes talking just isn't enough.   My services cover all your physical, emotional and spiritual needs for happiness, peace and harmony all round.   From an ancient, Ayurvedic perspective, you are not simply a physical human being meant to do a daily grind, working to pay the bills fitting snippets of enjoyment in as an after thought.  Rather you are a field of intelligence, energy and vibration, constantly in flux.  You are here to realise your creativity and this means  actively creating the life you want.  You choose your actions and thoughts - you are in the driving seat ......... I am simply here to help you, providing encouragement and practical tools and skills and strategies for you to infuse into your life long after our relationship ends.

Peace & Love. 




I'm here to support you


Life Coaching
Ayurveda & Yoga Service


Ayurvedic Assessment

My Ayurveda consultation service provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your mind-body constitution .  It is the basis from which to create a customised plan to help you restore balance and vitality to your life.

Yoga Classes

My Yoga classes are designed to help you develop strength, flexibility, and peace of mind. I teach hatha, vinyasa, hot, gentle and restorative yoga with specialisms teaching yoga to athletes and teeangers and provide a range of classes for all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Coaching Sessions

My coaching sessions provide you with the tools and support you need to achieve your goals and live your best life. I blend the ancient Eastern philosophies of Ayurveda and Yoga with modern Western medical science and transformational coaching psychology to help you overcome obstacles, manage stress, and reach your full potential.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Workshops

Tackling six key pillars of health: sleep, meditation, nutrition, emotional well-being and self care for optimal health and vitality

A Compass

Using tried and tested Ayurvedic practices:



I will help you firstly identify just who you exactly are.  Revealing your true, innate personality helps you to understand what makes you tick and why you may respond to events in the manner that you do.  It provides the background for you to understand what you can do to address negative responses when things don't go your way.  ​


Together we look at your soul purpose, which guides your intentions and goals.  Helping you map out a realistic plan of action to incorporate healthy Ayurvedic practices into your existing lifestyle if needed.   


You will learn how to tackle barriers to growth, overcoming challenges and obstacles such as limiting beliefs and perspectives which no longer serve you.   


You will receive guidance and support in your journey. I will ask  powerful thought provoking questions and offer reflections 


We explore various healing modalities using strategies that are holistic in approach. Each session is focused on you and personalised,  encouraging you to reach optimal health on your terms.



Guided visualisations, home exercises, journalling, meditations, movement and breathwork practices enables you to find balance in the mind and body. ​


Worksheets, regular check-ins, feedback and 'homework' helps with accountability, commitment and focus.  ​



Increased self-awareness and self efficacy, helps you find your direction in life. ​  

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You will learn how to improve your relationships with communication techniques and practices of emotional wellbeing  to  get your needs met rather than reverting to old negative, harmful patterns of behaviour which may leave you feeling unfulfilled and stressed.    


You will flourish as new or more expansive perspectives are created allowing you to live a life in alignment with your soul purpose.​


I empower you to discover your own answers, make your own plans and take responsibility for your own results. ​Whilst we co-create the coaching relationship, you are in the driver's seat, I am here to support, encourage and guide you in your journey. ​You will transition from a state of overwhelm to a state of contentment to​​​ find harmony, happiness and inner peace.​ 


You will get to  experience the 'qualia' of the coaching relationship. With meditations, visualisations and reflections, you can tune in to how your body actually feels in the moment and is currently experiencing life.

Words Life is Your Creation



Learn to assess your current state of health.  Recognising imbalances is the first step towards bringing yourself into homeostatis whenever you go off key.  


You will learn the importance of achieving good rest, nutrition, movement, digestion and sleep and will be given relevant guidance if you choose regarding strategies based on your individual personality to achieve optimal health.


You will learn to incorporate  these beneficial practices on a daily basis until they become second nature.


By teaching you mindfulness, movement, meditation and breathing techniques you can learn to bring yourself into balance in a healthy, harmonious way.   


As my coaching is holistic in nature - tackling your physical, mental and spiritual  health you will learn how to reveal the best version of yourself, making for a happier, healthier life, productivity and improved relationships with others. 


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My Signature Services