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Ayurvedic lifestyle practices help you to :  

  • address, prevent and heal dis-ease in the body and mind

  • provide you with knowledge to help you make healthy choices across six key pillars of health

  •  reveal your innate nature and assess your current state of health

  • recognise whether you are in balance according to your unique mind-body composition

  • learn practical strategies and tools to bring you back into homeostatis

  • relieve anxiety and stress

  • cultivate a deeper understanding of your body, mind and purpose

  • identify unhelpful habits and break down self-limiting beliefs 

  • improve sleep and digestion

  • cultivate intuitive eating, understand your relationship with food and how to eat healthily

  • ensure effective functioning of digestion and metabolism through mindful consumption 

  • learn techniques of meditation and yogic breathing and improve cognitive functioning

  • improve your physical and mental health  through yoga,  increasing strength, stamina and flexibility

  • increase energy levels, boost your mood, manage your weight

  • harmonise your actions with the wider world

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AS, Musician 03/23

'I found the first session, 'Introduction to Ayurveda' very enjoyable. The other participants were easy to get along with and I found the group discussions very helpful. Gina has a very natural way of teaching which instantly engages you and makes you feel very much at home. This course has definitely opened my eyes to Ayurveda and I can't wait for the next class'.

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