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I help you to identify and create a meaningful purpose statement,  formulate your health and wellbeing vision, identify and shift limiting beliefs and clear the subconscious blocks which are preventing you from living authentically.   

After the initial consultation and intake session there are 8 further sessions which focus on four cornerstones of: Purpose, Intention, Meaning and Shadow.

The Initial Consultation : 35 mins

Intake Session: 55 mins

Remaining 8 Sessions: 55 mins each


Some sessions are guided with a certain structure which allows us to work according to a coaching curriculum and get to the nuts and bolts of the matter whilst other sessions are improvised, which gives the opportunity to go with the flow and to tend to those aspects of your life which may not neatly into checkboxes.


To keep your attention and interest and to enable you to evolve into a new and expanded identity, which says goodbye  to limiting beliefs and restrictive patterns of thought and behaviour, sessions are varied.  They may include mindfulness practices such as meditation, mantras, movement (yoga) or breathwork exercises or perhaps gratitude reflections, worksheets and visualisation exercises which enable you to explore your imagination. 


These tools help  foster a strong connection to your well-being vision meaning you will be more likely to resist temptation and stick to long term intentions . 


Regular check ins, accountability exercises, discussions, reflections and homework helps strengthen your commitment to yourself and  allows for thoughtful reflection, contemplation and consolidation of thoughts and practices intended to bring about long-lasting change, health and happiness.

Find Your Purpose

Set Your Intention

Find Meaning


The Four 

We work together to co-create your plan of action.

At any stage of the coaching process, you may hit a plateau, whilst the temptation may be to abandon ship.  These moments of discomfort can provide a huge opportunity  for transformation.  

1 / Your Soul Purpose 

In Sanskrit, the word 'Dharma' means your life's inner purpose and 'dharma' (with a little 'd') are your unique gifts which help you to realise your bigger purpose - enlightenment, consciousness, peace.  Your 'dharma' helps you to clarify this purpose.  It is based on your values, strengths and talents and what is truly meaningful for you.

2 / Set Your Intention

Your intention relates to the wellbeing vision you may have for your life.  It includes the  actions, practices and goals you choose that help you move towards your north, your purpose.

3 / Meaning

Whilst purpose and intention relate more to the way we function in the world at a practical level.  At this stage we move into more transformational work and healing.  It involves a shift in perspective, moving from the level of conditioned limited beliefs and obstacles to the realm of possibilities and freedom.

4 / Shadow

When faced with painful or difficult emotions, or those aspects of the self you are ashamed of or don't want others to see. Coaching, tools such as worksheets, guided visualisations and meditations all help support you in your journey. 

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