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I am a Chopra certified Health & Wellness Life Coach


If you feel like you are stuck, stressed or lacking direction, my coaching services will guide you towards the life you want, helping you to feel engaged, fulfilled and happier with the choices you make.

I draw upon performance and developmental coaching methodologies and a coaching philosophy grounded in Vedic wisdom. 

This approach blends the power of meditation, Ayurveda, yoga and mindfulness practices with medical science and transformational psychology.  

The coaching sessions are  designed taking into account your personality

(your unique mind-body composition)

Using tried and tested Ayurvedic practices,  I will help you firstly identify just who you exactly are.  Revealing your true, innate personality helps you to understand what makes you tick and why you may respond to events in the manner that you do.  It provides the background for you to understand what you can do to address negative responses when things don't go your way.  

Together we look at your soul purpose, which guides your intentions and goals. 

Helping you map out a realistic plan of action to incorporate healthy Ayurvedic practices into your existing lifestyle if needed. 


Part educational, part experiential, I help you to understand why certain practices may help or hinder your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. 

You will receive guidance and support in your journey.


I will ask  powerful thought provoking questions and offer reflections

We explore various healing modalities using strategies that are holistic in approach and each session is highly personalized, encouraging you to reach optimal health one day at a time.


Guided visualisations, meditations, movement and breathwork practicres enables you to find balance in the mind and body. 

Worksheets, regular check-ins, feedback and 'homework' helps with accountability, commitment and focus.  

Increased self-awareness and self efficacy, helps you find your direction in life. 

You will get to  experience the 'qualia' of the coaching relationship.

Tuning in to how your body actually feels in the moment and is currently experiencing life.


You will learn how to tackle real or imagined barriers to growth, overcoming challenges and obstacles such as  limiting beliefs and perspectives which no longer serve you. 

You will learn how to improve your relationships with communication techniques and practices of emotional wellbeing  to  get your needs met rather than reverting to old negative, harmful patterns of behaviour which may leave you feeling unfulfilled and stressed.   


You will flourish as new or more expansive perspectives are created allowing you to live a life in alignment with your soul purpose.

I empower you to discover your own answers, make your own plans and take responsibility for your own results. 

Whilst we co-create the coaching relationship, you are in the driver's seat, I am here to support, encourage and guide you in your journey.

You will transition from a state of overwhelm to a state of contentment to​​​ find harmony, happiness and inner peace.​



I will teach you how to assess your current state of health and to recognise any imbalances and you will learn how to bring yourself into optimal balance whenever you go off key.  


You will learn the importance of achieving good rest, nutrition, movement, digestion and sleep and will be given relevant advice and strategies based on your individual personality to achieve optimal health.


You will learn to incorporate  these beneficial practices on a daily basis until they become second nature.


By teaching you mindfulness, movement, meditation and breathing techniques you will learn to bring yourself into balance in a healthy, harmonious way.   


As my coaching is holistic in nature - tackling your physical, mental and spiritual  health you will learn how to reveal the best version of yourself, making for a happier, healthier life, productivity and improved relationships with others. 

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