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Need a Little Help to Get you Back on Track?


If you feel like you are stuck in life or overwhelmed, maybe lacking direction or stressed my coaching services will guide you towards the life you want, helping you to feel engaged, fulfilled and happier with the choices you make. 

Together we look at your intentions and goals, mapping out a realistic plan of action to incorporate healthy ayurvedic practices into your existing lifestyle.  Part educational, part experiential, I help you to understand why certain practices may help or hinder your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.  We explore various healing modalities using strategies that are holistic in approach and each session is highly personalized, encouraging you to reach optimal health one day at a time.

​You will receive guidance and support in your journey and regular check-ins, worksheets, resources and 'homework' to help transition from a state of overwhelm to a state of contentment to​​​ find balance and inner peace.​

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