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Getting The Right Kind of Sleep

Sleep is considered to be one of six key pillars of good health. During different phases various restorative and rejuvenating processes occur to help you feel replenished and ready for the day ahead. During deep sleep your body releases accumulated stress and physical toxins, it balances hormones, strengthens the immune system and repairs and regenerates cells and tissues. Your body instinctively wants to look after you but modern life certainly tests this. We often do activities which are are contra to our natural circadian rhythms - eating, exercising or working late, crossing time zones, drinking alcohol, thinking about the future (or the present or the past), watching TV or scrolling our phones - all in an attempt to wind down. However, these activities hinder the ability to metabolise and digest and they can move the central nervous system into high alert mode, the opposite of what you want for a good night's rest. Living according to the Ayurvedic clock - which is aligned with nature and according to our dosha (mind-body type) helps to restore balance. It is about getting the right kind of sleep at the right time. Carrying out activities to wind down before your head actually hits the pillow - whether this be self massage, listening to calming music, journalling, yoga or a meditation practice, setting yourself up for a great day starts by sleeping well the night before. Sweet dreams.

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