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Private Yoga Tuition
Personalised Sessions Just For You


Bronze dancing Shiva

An inclusive community for everybody

1:1 Yoga Tuition 

Personalised sessions are a great way for the beginner to learn the basics or yoga or develop skills of the more seasoned practitioner. Factors which may affect your sense of well being and the type of yoga you may enjoy include your diet, working environment, personal goals and temperament, family and lifestyle and medical history.  Therefore I work with you to set your pace, making modifications and adjustments as necessary, adapting programmes as your practice deepens and evolves.  The aim is to take you to your edge, wherever that may be, working enough to feel the benefits which may be achieved with a considered and regular practice. Some people are hesitant of attending a group yoga class for fear of not being able to keep up or are body conscious, often though people think themselves too unbendy!  Maybe you just do not like working in large groups.  Perhaps you find them too busy or you are not quite ready for them due to pre-existing musculoskeletal limitations or imbalances you may have. For those coming to yoga after a doctor's recommendation for example, after an injury or period of illness, individualised plans enable attention to be focused in the relevant areas.Anyone can practice yoga.  As you learn to marry movement with breath and you deepen your practice a sense of wellbeing is likely to be heightened, which in turn opens up opportunities to enjoy life.

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